Tomato Cells under Microscope

To see tomato cells under microscope, simply squeeze a bit of tomato juice on a clean glass slide and gently place a cover slip over it.


Below is the micrograph of the tomato cells:

Tomato cells magnified 40 times

Tomato cells are floating in the juice and hence are not connected to each other. The thick black circles are air bubbles that got trapped between slide and cover slip. I was not able to get rid of them after couple of tries.

Tomato cells are very big compared to onion skin cells. In fact, they are more than 25 times bigger than onion skin cells! Below is the micrograph of onion skin cells for comparison:

Onion cells magnified 40 times

  • This is me Reply

    What are the parts found in your tomato cells?

  • Preston Reply

    What is the magnification of this picture?

  • bladimir Reply

    what do human cheek cell and a tomato cells have in common

    • K Reply

      they both blush

    • vanessa loera Reply

      Where is the chromoplasts located?????

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