Ascarid Egg – Amscope 50PC Prepared Slides

The first slide in the Amscope 50PC prepared slides is whole mount (w.m.) of ascarid eggs. Ascarid (Ascaris) is a parasitic worm also known as small intestinal roundworm. There are two species of Ascaris: Ascaris Lumbricoides and Ascaris Suum. Ascaris Lumbricoides affects humans and causes a disease known as Ascariasis and Ascaris Suum typically infect pigs [1].

This is the first prepared slide I did and you can see that they are not very clearly focused and also the white balance is not correct.

Amscope 50PC Prepared Slides

This post lists all the micrographs I have done from the Amscope 50PC prepared slides.

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