Amscope 50 Piece Biology Prepared Microscope Glass Slides

I bought Amscope 50 piece biology prepared glass slides box along with Amscope B120B microscope to learn how to use a microscope properly and refine my techniques without worrying about making proper slides. This post list all the slides provided in the box. Each entry links to a post where I will discuss the specimen and show micrographs I recorded.

  1. Ascarid Egg (whole mount)
  2. Aspergillus (whole mount)
  3. Cabbage (longitudinal section)
  4. Coprinus Mushroom Set (cross section)
  5. Cotton Stem (cross section)
  6. Cucurbita Stem (longitudinal section)
  7. Dandelion Fuzz (whole mount)
  8. Dense Connective Tissue (section)
  9. Dog Cardiac Muscle (longitudinal section)
  10. Dog Esophagus (cross section)
  11. Dog Skeletal Muscle (longitudinal section & cross section)
  12. Dog Small Intestine (section)
  13. Dog Smooth Muscle (longitudinal section & cross section)
  14. Dog Squamous Epitheblium (whole mount)
  15. Dog Stomach (section)
  16. Earthworm (cross section)
  17. Honeybee Leg (whole mount)
  18. Honeybee Mouth Parts (whole mount)
  19. Honeybee Wings (whole mount)
  20. Housefly Mouth Parts (whole mount)
  21. Human Blood (smear)
  22. Hydra (longitudinal section)
  23. Hydrilla Verticillata Leaf (whole mount)
  24. Leaf of Winter Jasmine (cross section)
  25. Lillium Anther (cross section)
  26. Lillium Ovary (cross section)
  27. Locust Wing (whole mount)
  28. Loose Connective Tissue (section)
  29. Mantis Wing (whole mount)
  30. Nymphasa (cross section)
  31. Nymphasa of Apustio Stem (cross section)
  32. Onion Epidermis (whole mount)
  33. Penicillium (whole mount)
  34. Pig Motor Nerve (whole mount)
  35. Pine Leaf (cross section)
  36. Pine Pollen (whole mount)
  37. Pine Stem (cross section)
  38. Pumpkin Stem (cross section)
  39. Rabbit Artery and Vein (cross section)
  40. Rabbit Hyaline Cartilage (section)
  41. Rabbit Lymph Node (section)
  42. Rabbit Spinal Cord (cross section)
  43. Rabbit Testis (section)
  44. Stomata-Vicia Faba Leaf (whole mount)
  45. Sunflower Stcm (cross section)
  46. Tilia Stem (cross section)
  47. Wool Sheep (whole mount)
  48. Young Root of Broad Bean (cross section)
  49. Zea Stem (cross section)
  50. Zea Stem (longitudinal section)

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