Cotton Stem – Amscope 50PC Prepared Slides

Cross-section of cotton stem is the fifth slide in the Amscope 50PC prepared slides.

Micrographs [12 April 2014]
Micrographs [28 July 2014]
Amscope 50PC Prepared Slides

This post lists all the micrographs I have done from the Amscope 50PC prepared slides.

  • Chris Amundson Reply

    I have a students that donated a 200 slide and a 100 slide kit to my classroom. Not sure what I am looking at and would like to know if there is any information available that details what is what on the slide. Do you know of any pdf or book that would help me out? Thanks

    • Saurabh Garg Reply

      Do you have the name of Company or anything else on the box? If you do then you can find more information from Amazon.


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